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PsiGraph is primarily involved with production and presentation of training programs and procedures for maintenance personnel at commercial nuclear power plants.

Management has attempted to transform labor into a safer, better, cheaper, workforce for a long time now. One method has been to provide training on a regular basis. Many educational specialists have offered their own ideas on how to improve the basic product, and so many names for the system exist. We will refer to the process as a 'Systematic Approach to Training', or SAT for short. The same process is also known as TSD (Training Systems Development), ISD (Instructional Systems Design), and Performance Based Training. This method is normally required for all US Government regulations.

This is a method of testing and training which targets the performance of job skills and evaluates trainees on their performance of a given task. It is very effective on all levels of training that require hands-on skills. Compared to traditional training methods, the performance-based approach is far superior for industries requiring skills, knowledges, and attitudes required to successfully and safely complete the job.

Work History

Department of Energy (Los Alamos National Laboratory) - training program development for Safeguards and Security Managers, Advisors, and Nuclear Material custodian and handling personnel.

For petro-chemical industries, administrative procedures and implementation plans were developed to meet the OSHA requirements associated with 29 CFR § 1910.119 (Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals).

For the electric power industry, an audit checklist was developed to ensure compliance with 29 CFR § 1910.269 (Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution).

Within the commercial nuclear power industry, PsiGraph was a major contributor to upgrading the Emergency Response Organization (ERO) training program at a three unit facility on the east coast generating approximately 3,200,000 kilowatts of electricity every hour. The ERO is responsible for responding to emergency events that might require coordinating actions with, local, state, and federal agencies.

Carl Siglock

Procedure and Technical Report Writer


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PsiGraph is the business presence of Carl Siglock.  In late 1976 Carl began his career in commercial nuclear power. He maintained the equipment which measured and controlled the various systems and components that converted heat from nuclear fission into electricity. In 1980 he moved on to a site which was still under construction. Over the next five years, provided instrumentation and control (I&C) and electrical expertise as a technician and start-up engineer to bring the plant to a commercial operational status.

Carl learned about electronics back in the days before personal computers, in the United States Navy. The computer for the radar which he operated and maintained consisted of six 19” equipment bays with circuit cards that were about six inches square. One card provided one, maybe two, discrete component flip flops, with a few logic gates, made of diodes and resistors. The memory consisted of 12 cards made up of diode arrays. Display consisted of rows of red thyristors. The guided missile cruiser on which he served was decommissioned and scrapped in the mid-nineties.